Welcome to TOM* – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.
Designers who wish to participate in the Fall/Winter 2017 Runway Presentations will need to fill the application form, pay the mandatory application fee and the 50% deposit of the Runway Fees.

TOM* F/W17 runway presentations are suitable for designers wishing to show their menswear ready-to-wear collection on the ‘runway’ to an audience of 600+ with one specified time slot and no repeat shows/sittings.

Once an applicant has completed the requirements, it will be reviewed and the candidate will benotified by email whether the application has been accepted. Designers successful to enter the next phase will be reviewed by the TOM* – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week panel. Applicants maybe asked to submit additional supporting information, which will be considered alongside the application to reach a final decision. The TOM* panel acts in an advisory capacity only.

There may be certain cases where TOM* feels a particular applicant may or may not be suitable for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and TOM* reserves final say. TOM* organizers also reserve the right to approve runway styling, pieces or an entire collection based on TOM*s runway standards such as quality, fit, presentation, and marketability.


  1. All applications are subject to an Application and Processing fee. Application fee is nonrefundable. Please contact TOM* for applicable fees.
  2. Your collection should consist of men’s ready-to-wear. We require a minimum of 15 looks or more for the runway presentation. We refer to a “look” as a complete runway outfit: shirt, pants and jacket (2-3pcs) in one “look”.
  3. For all designers and brands, local, national and international popular name brand, department stores and retail outlets, please contact TOM* for applicable Runway Fees.
  4. Please note that there is a 50% surcharge for any show with more than one designer.
  5. All application forms require a 50% deposit of the Runway Fees. The required 50% deposit does not guarantee a commitment from TOM*- Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Your deposit will not be processed until you have passed the vetting and approval process. At that time, the deposit becomes non-refundable. The final 50% payment will be required at a specific date before Toronto Men’s Fashion Week commences. Please see payment terms below.

You will be notified by email if your application has been successful.


Download the Designer Application .pdf and complete it using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at

You will be notified by email if your application has been successful.

Please direct any queries to